Mirror, Mirror: Younger, Glowing Skin

by Ria Lina in

I've faced it, I'm not getting any younger.  How I miss the days of my early 20's when my skin was at it's best and didn't need as much TLC.  I try to be careful with the products I use on my face, because I have extremely sensitive skin.  Also, I always look for facial moisturizers with SPF added, for that extra protection from UV.  I'm completely happy with my current line of products I use for my daily routine.  I started using Ole Henriksen after receiving a sample from Sephora.  I love that this line uses natural ingredients, vitamins, and essential oils.  My major skin problem is usually dry skin, but with Ole Henriksen's Super Creme, I haven't worried about dry skin in a very long time.  I first purchased the Seven Skin Care Sensations Kit from the line, so I could try out the different products and be able to pick and choose which one was best for me.  Besides using beauty products, eating healthy and drinking PLENTY of water will help you achieve that younger glow. 

My top rules for healthy glowing skin:  1.  Drink plenty of water.  2.  Eat lots of fruits and veggies high in antioxidants.  3.  Sunscreen.  4.  Moisturize  5.  Never sleep with makeup on.

My Daily Routine

African Red Tea Foam Cleanser

I use this antioxidant facial cleanser every morning to start my day.  It does its job without stripping your face from essential moisture.  Available here.

Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster

I love this serum!  I can definitely tell a difference if I skip this step after my morning cleanser.  It helps brighten my skin and gives me a little glow.  It's also fast absorbing and non-greasy.  Available here.

Truth Revealed Vitamin C Super Creme SPF 15

This product does it all!  SPF, moisturizer, protection from environmental stresses, and also gives you a healthy glow and fresh face to start your day off.  This by far has been my favorite facial moisturizer.  It's light and non-greasy, perfect for all seasons.  Just like with all of the Ole Henriksen products, a little goes a long way.  Available here.

Prosonic Cleanser

Okay ladies, everyone should have one of these.  I use this daily with my night cleanser and it's amazing.  My pores have gotten smaller, face smoother, and has given me a more even tone.  This values at $204, but I purchased mine from Hautelook for $59.  Hautelook usually has this on their site once a month, I will try to keep an eye out and let you know when they have it back on sale.  Make sure you like She and Monsters' Facebook page for deals and fashion alerts!  If you can't wait, it's available here for purchase and reviews.

*For your nightly cleanser, you can also use the African Red Tea Foam Cleanser.  I also use Aveeno's Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser (available anywhere you shop) with my Prosonic.

Invigorating Night Gel

After my nightly cleansing, I use this night gel to help firm up my skin and to help tighten my pores.  It's really light and fast absorbing.  Again, a little goes a long way.

*I follow up with the Truth Revealed Vitamin C Super Creme to top off my nightly facial routine.

Ole Henriksen has a great line; Free of Parabens, GMO, sulfates, and synthetic dyes.  Everyone has different skin types, so always test a small spot when trying a new product.  I've also used Ole Henriksen's Ultimate Eye Lift PM; it definitely helps with puffy eyes, but I didn't see any effects on fine lines or dark circles.  What's your daily facial product routine?

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